• We help leaders create schools of quality

    Schools of quality have a distinctive character and culture that set them apart. The habits within these schools are designed with intention to influence the results and reputations of their schools. The character and culture of a school and a school district is the work of leaders. The Educational Leadership Group works with leadership to design, support, and sustain a learner centered educational system with the character and culture of quality.

Who We Are

Sally Anderson, PhD
  Sally Anderson, PhD is the founder and principal of the Educational Leadership Group.  Dr. Anderson has been a central office leader and administrator in urban, rural and cooperative agencies in New York and Idaho. She successfully designed, led and coached reform initiatives for school districts…
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What We Do

Organizations of Character ™
Our services target The Big Five Elements of Organizations of Character ™ Organizations have noticeable environments that influence how people perform. We use the word character to define the nature of an organization that distinguishes itself in quality. Organizations of Character ™ are places where…
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